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1. Who supports the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen?

For over 30 years Uniklinik RWTH Aachen has been helping sick people, training doctors to the latest standards and developing innovative methods of detecting and treating diseases.

The Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen was established in 2015, and latest diagnosis and treatment methods available to patients faster. Our foundation helps those active in research, healing and the alleviation of suffering. Their mission is to support medical care, the transfer of research and clinical applications, and the dissemination of knowledge to future generations of doctors.

The Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen concentrates its involvement in three key areas:

  • in the transfer of medical and/or technical findings into patient care,
  • in the training of doctors, nurses and carers, and
  • in creating comprehensive patient care for Aachen and the region.

All these areas are intertwined: only by promoting wide-ranging medical research can we enhance clinical care using new methods of treatment and diagnosis, and thus train future of generations of doctors in state of the art medicine. The foundation supports only science and research, education and the public health sector in the field of high-performance university medicine in Aachen.

The foundation only supports specific projects, so that the funding only ends up where it is needed All donations and every other kind of funding also contribute to making Aachen and the region a better place to live and love.

2. Who are the faces behind the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen?

The Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen consists of an executive board and the management, an eight-member board of trustees and a nine-member advisory board. The board of trustees consists of important decision-makers and qualified disseminators from the areas of government, civil society, science and culture.

With regard to the composition of the board, the university foundation has placed special emphasis on including different areas of society in order to achieve an even greater networking of suggestions and ideas from science and the community.

3. How does the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen finance its work?

The foundation funds its mission from the revenues from the foundation’s assets and contributions from donors.

4. Who decides where the donations are used?

The foundation management discusses where and what support is required based on an extensive needs assessment and how the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen can be active. It submits its suggestions to the executive board, which debates the suggestions before making the final decision about which of the suggested projects will receive funding.

The board of trustees advises the executive board about the projects requesting funding and prioritises the proposals received. The executive board has to examine the board of trustees vote and take it into account before a decision is made about the funding of the proposed projects.

5. How is the use of funds controlled?

The Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen places great store in assuring that how funds are allocated is absolutely transparent. The board of trustees is responsible for approving the annual financial statement and the amount of freely disposable funds. The advisory board is informed about the foundation’s activities, the content of the annual financial report and the planned research and funding programmes.

Responsible regulatory agency: the foundation supervisory authority is the cologne regional government, and the superior foundation supervisory authority is the ministry of the interior of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

6. How can I apply to the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen for a grant?

It is especially important for us to understand how your project functions, how you define your objectives and how you want to achieve them. Please fill out the application form, unless otherwise specified, in continuous text. Please then send the fully completed form, including finance plan, to infostiftung-um-aachende.

Please contact us if you have any questions about filling out the project application.

7. How can I support the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen?

You can support the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen in a great variety of ways, such as with a one-off donation, with regular contributions, or with a benefit event in aid of the foundation. Otherwise, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are a good opportunity to ask for donations instead of presents. You can also support the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen by making a legacy or bequest in your will. Another possibility is to request donations following a bereavement.

If you have any other ideas about how you can get involved on behalf of the Aachen University Medical Foundation, please send us an eMail to info@stiftung-um-aachen.de.

Fundraising opportunities:

Regular support
Our benefactors support us with regular donations. And you can too: your monthly contribution will also make it possible for doctors, nurses and therapists to provide medical and human performances that go well beyond basic health care, also in the future.

One-off donation
You can also support our work with a one-off donation. You can decide if your donation is to be a general donation or earmarked for a special purpose. For this you can use our online tool. Thank you for your support!

On special occasions
Give someone else a present on your birthday by asking for donations for a project close to your heart! You choose the project and we will assist you in implementing your wishes, for example by giving you

  • a project-specific text that you can use in your invitations,
  • sending you information material about your project,
  • or showing you the various ways you can collect donations and receive a charitable donation certificate.

Help as a company
Your company can make a big difference! An ever-increasing number of businesses are consciously assuming social responsibility. As a corporate partner you have many opportunities to actively work together with us and take on social responsibility – for example with a one-off donation, a sales campaign or a company run. Or you can enter into a long-term partnership with us.

Making a bequest
Let your will make a difference into the future With your last will and testament, your estate can help create a better future for medicine and the people in the region. The tax authority has recognised the Aachen University Medical Foundation as a charity and thus particularly worthy of support. This means we are exempt from inheritance tax. If you wish to remember the Aachen University Medical Foundation in your will, you can be sure that the full amount of your bequest will end up in the projects in need.

Be a donor – tax advantages
Anyone making a donation to a good cause is rewarded with tax benefits. The submission of a receipt for a donation to the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen kwith your income tax return counts as a special expense that reduces your tax bill. The Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen is a charitable foundation and therefor exempt from corporation, inheritance and gift tax. The foundation therefore receives one hundred per cent of the donation sum for its work. Nor are the annual returns taxed, with the whole amount going to projects that are consistent with the charitable goals of the foundation. In 2007 both houses of the German federal parliament passed a law to further strengthen civic engagement. This massively improved the tax advantages for donors and foundations alike.

The following deductions are possible for donations to foundations:

Donations are voluntary, free of charge contributions to a non-profit organisation such as clubs, associations, non-profit limited companies or foundations that have to spend the sum promptly for their statutory purposes. Pursuant to § 10b Section 1 of the Income Tax Act, donations for the promotion of tax-deductible objectives in the sense of §§ 52 - 54 of the Tax Code made to a non-profit organisation can be deducted as special expenses provided they do not exceed 20 per cent of the donor’s total income. Deductible donations that exceed the abovementioned maximum or cannot be claimed in the year the donation was made, can be deducted within the limits of the maximum amounts in subsequent years.

In accordance with § 10b Section 1a of the Income Tax Act, in the year that the donation is made the donor liable for tax can on application deduct endowments made to a charitable foundation’s capital over the following nine years up, to an overall sum of one million euros. This deduction option is possible in addition to the abovementioned deduction. These benefits are for endowments made on the occasion of the founding of the foundations and since 2007 also later donations. Endowments made to a foundation’s capital are not subject to the rule of prompt use of funds. The amount to be deducted can only be claimed once within a period of ten years. In the case of a married couple the deduction amount is valid for each individual spouse.

Endowments from companies
If endowments are made by individual companies or partnerships, pursuant to § 9 Section 5 of the German Trade Tax Act, on application these also reduce the trade tax charge in the year the donation is made and in the following nine tax periods. Endowments from stock companies (GmbH, AG) are not tax exempt. Benefits of donations for the foundation:

We are pleased if this helps you further in implementing your involvement!
If you want to know more about endowments and donations or have a consultation,
Florian Schaefer and Dr. Mathias Brandstädter will be pleased to discreetly advise you: 0049 241 80 35910.

8. Does it make more sense to make a general donation or a donation earmarked for a special purpose nation?

People who make donations want to help and use their own funds to do good, sometimes for a specific project. This is why it is always possible to add a keyword to a donation so that it benefits a particular project. We keep detailed records to that such earmarked donations are used as intended.

9. But Uniklinik RWTH Aachen also receives state funding. Why should I make a donation on top?

Uniklinik RWTH Aachen is a public body owned by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The public money secures the basic provision of research, teaching and healthcare provision. But Uniklinik RWTH Aachen does a great deal more. This “more” is possible thanks to the support we receive from our donors. These are the moments that enable healing, assistance and support: through cancer research that develops new treatments, by caring for the children of sick parents or by providing the latest diagnostic equipment for the tiniest patients.

10. Are donations to the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen tax deductible?

For every donation you will receive a donation receipt for your tax return as long as the foundation has your address or it has been properly conveyed to us by the bank used for the transfer. If you do not receive a message from us, please give us your correct address so that we can send you your donation receipt without delay.

A donation is often the beginning of the help for Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen. projects. We are grateful for every assistance, and as a non-profit charitable foundation we can also express our gratitude with state help: Donations, endowments and bequests are rewarded by a range of tax benefits, such as the waiving of inheritance tax. More details under (7).

11. How can I see if the Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Aachen is trustworthy?

We want you to know that your donation to the Aachen University Medical Foundation is in good hands. This is why we place great emphasis on the greatest possible transparency and openness.
Your contacts Florian Schaefer und Dr. Mathias Brandstädter are always available at your disposal with advice and practical support on 0049 241 80 35910


Please do not hesitate to contact us about
any issues relating to donations.
Telephone: 0049 241 80 35910