Medizin 4.0

Turning research into state-of-the-art therapy and diagnostics

Medicine and technology are the genetic code of the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen and RWTH Aachen University. With the RWTH Aachen, the city of science, offers the best prerequisites for combining medical-technical research and clinical application. Trend-setting innovation and practical technology transfer have a long tradition at Aachen as a location for science.

With the advent of the fourth Industrial Revolution, technology and industry are facing a profound epochal change: production and technical applications are increasingly being digitized, and intelligent manufacturing processes are being created. Functions of the PC are embedded serially in everyday objects. The Internet is no longer just human participants - it creates an "Internet of Things". These developments are enormously important for new therapies, diagnostic methods and medical devices.

With this core project, the foundation focuses on the topic of "Medicine 4.0". It promotes the clinical application of engineering know-how in the areas of medical technology, computational biomedicine and mechanobiology, thus combining the strengths of both institutions for the benefit of the patient.

From the Aachen thirst sensor, with which the fluid requirement of the elderly person can be optimally measured and adjusted, to artificial heart products and technical heart support systems or telemedicine applications: Clinically applied medical technology saves lives and proves again and again impressively what both Disciplines for the patient.