Allow comprehensive care of the patient

Like all other hospitals, university hospitals suffer from sharp increases in costs especially for personnel, medicines, medical devices and energy. University medicine also performs several important tasks simultaneously. It handles significantly more services than other hospitals. The task of teaching, research and medical care requires a complex organization. That costs time and money.

At the same time: University hospitals help, where nobody else can help, all experts have under one roof and help the patients around the clock. They are also responsible for the regional supply. Compared to other clinics, the proportion of particularly complex treatments at university hospitals is therefore significantly higher.

Starting with the care of children of cancer-sick parents in the project Brückenschlag through the Center for Rare Diseases Aachen, tailor-made cancer therapies, the continuous development promotion of premature babies until towards special provision of care for children with eating and obsessive-compulsive disorders: The University Medical Center in Aachen offers a series of initiatives and additional services for large and small patients despite difficult framework conditions. We want to maintain and expand this in the future as well.